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Welcome to Region 4's Getting Smart Virtually Program!
Region 4 Education Service Center's Getting Smart Virtually program serves area students and educators by providing access to exceptional academic and professional development programs. Our program provides an environment which overcomes barriers to education caused by time and physical distance. Distance learning opportunities are provided through videoconferencing technology that allows regional and global access to educational networks and programs. 
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Content Providers

Our Getting Smart Virtually program actively pursues educational partnerships with local, state, and national non-profit organizations to bring quality instructional programming and real-world dynamic experiences to students in the Greater Houston area. Non-profit agencies, higher education entities and other interested content providers who are interested in partnerships should contact our Region 4 Distance Learning Team.





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Crime Stoppers of Houston Virtually Wild! Texas




Wild Bird Adventures BootUp
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Texas Wildlife Association Galveston Bay Foundation




The Getting Smart Virtually program provides a versatile and unique opportunity for:
  • Virtual field trips
  • Learning from experts
  • Large event support
  • Staff development
  • Guest speakers
  • District-to-District team teaching
  • Technical assistance
  • Teacher sharing for high-need courses
  • Community education programs
  • Mock debates
  • Unique student projects




Our Getting Smart Virtually program offers instructional, economic, and productivity benefits. Among those are:
  • Student interaction with other students and other cultures
  • Student interaction with technology as a component of the learning experience
  • Student access to programs not offered on their campus
  • Student interaction with expert guest speakers
  • Staff members access to professional development without the travel requirement
  • Staff members learn to apply technology as an educational tool

For information on the Region 4 Education Service Center's Getting Smart Virtually program, please contact the Region 4 Distance Learning Team.
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