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The goal of this page is to help you locate the supports and resources you need regarding HB 4545, Decision 6-TCLAS, Amplify mClass Intervention, BookNook, Zearn, and High Impact Tutoring.


If you need assistance with the resources and links below or have questions you cannot locate on this page, please reach out to Lisa Ratcliff at lisa.ratcliff@esc4.net.



Tutor Training

High Impact Tutoring Video Overview

5 Minute Video Overview of High Impact Tutoring Requirements




Tutor Best Practices Course

1-Hour Self-Paced Course on Best Practices for Tutoring



Additional training will be posted soon. Check back often.


General Tutor Information and Training

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, click the button below and tell me the following items:

  1. Name
  2. Location
  3. Grades you are interested in tutoring
  4. Subjects you are interested in tutoring
  5. Whether you are looking for virtual and/or in-person tutoring options


Click here to fill out the Become a Tutor survey.


General TCLAS Information

TEA TCLAS Guidance





HB 4545


Implementation Overview
HB 4545 FAQ (Most questions can be answered here!!!)

Tutor Pool/Pipeline (Look under TEA-Approved Providers)


TEA Vetted Texas Tutor Corps (Subsidized and Approved Providers)


Retired Teachers Resources/Supports


Data Forms/Samples (Look under Additional Resources)



Accelerated Instruction

General Information


Requirements and Tutoring

Accelerated Learning Committees (ALC) and Parent Engagement


Sample Districts (Look under District Resources)



Decision 6-TCLAS

If your LEA is a TCLAS Decision 6 recipient, you received licenses for the use of the Subsidized Providers (Amplify, BookNook, and/or Zearn) and up to $400,000.


Two requirements of Decision 6:

  • Your LEA MUST use at least one of the Subsidized Providers, AND
  • The $400,000 can be used to support tutoring costs including tutor pay, tutoring supplies, tutoring resources, tutoring training, and data collection/analysis.

Decision 6: Tutoring Supports

Decision 6:  Fidelity of Implementation Self Evaluation


Amplify mClass Intervention


General Amplify information can be found here.



  • How many and which asynchronous courses should I (or my tutors) take before attending the Amplify mClass Capstone Training?
The decision is up to each LEA as to which courses and how many a tutor should take.  Please refer to this handout to help make that determination.
  • How do I access and use reporting features within Amplify?
You will need to speak with your Amplify Representative for support with using the administration side of the Amplify product.  
  • Other Amplify questions and answers can be accessed here.




General BookNook information can be found here.





General Zearn information can be found here.




High Impact Tutoring (HIT)

Main Office
Region 4 Education Service Center
7145 West Tidwell Road Houston, Texas 77092-2096
713.462.7708 | PHONE
Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in September of 2024.
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