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The success of educational programs often hinges on the dedication and expertise of outstanding individuals. One such individual is District Advancement Champion Cathy Williams, an education specialist within our Special Education team.
Williams has been instrumental in transforming classrooms to better support students with significant cognitive and behavioral needs. Her dedication and expertise have made a substantial impact on both teachers and students across the Region 4 area.
The Building a Model Classroom Project was born in March 2020 with a request to address challenging student behaviors in an elementary life skills classroom at Cleveland ISD. Upon observing the classroom, Williams quickly realized that the issue extended beyond student behavior; it was a matter of classroom setup and management.
“Structuring the classroom for student success required materials the district didn't have and couldn't obtain,” Williams said. “I knew I could make recommendations, but without the necessary materials, they couldn't implement them. Walking away from that situation just felt unethical.”

“Walking away from that situation just felt unethical.”



Determined to support the teacher and students, she used available funds to supply the necessary materials, transforming the classroom from the ground up. This initiative led to the creation of a model classroom, tailored for students with cognitive and behavioral needs.
In a model classroom, evidence-based practices are the cornerstone, blending structured teaching and applied behavior analysis. With defined areas, labeled materials, and personalized visual schedules, students thrive on consistency and clear expectations every day.
The result? A significant decrease in interfering behaviors and an increase in student engagement and learning.
Her approach balances professional development with follow-up support, ensuring teachers not only receive the materials and knowledge but also effectively implement it. Williams notes this method ensures that the benefits extend far beyond the initial training, equipping teachers with skills that impact all their future students.
Williams’ impact is far-reaching, as districts replicate her model classrooms, enhancing the learning environment for countless students. So far, Williams and her team have trained 13 teachers and provided around $44,000 in materials.
“We're not just sharing information, but we're developing skills in teachers that they'll carry with them forever," Williams adds. "While numbers may not capture its full impact, the ripple effect of this project is undeniable."

“The ripple effect of this project is undeniable."


We are incredibly proud of Cathy Williams and her continued dedication to advancing education. Her innovative approach and unwavering commitment truly make a difference in the Region 4 area.
Please join us in congratulating Cathy Williams on her outstanding work and contributions!
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