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Data Validation Monitoring - Leavers Staging Announced

 District-level reports of the 2014 leaver records data validation indicators and student-level reports were posted to the TEA Secure Environment (TEASE) Accountability application on October 31, 2014. Reports are available only for districts that triggered one of the eight DVM-L indicators. Districts were encouraged to review and analyze these reports to ensure the leaver records data they submit reflect the requirements of leaver record reporting, including the requirements contained in the 2014-2015 PEIMS Data Standards and Appendix D. Based on that review, districts should have determined whether any new or additional procedures needed to be implemented to ensure the accurate submission of leaver record data by the fall collection resubmission date of January 15, 2015.
For the 2014-2015 year, intervention staging for DVM-L was determined by which indicators the district triggered, including longitudinal data for select indicators, and the number of indicators the district triggered. Staging was posted January 12, 2015, in the Intervention, Stage, and Activity Manager (ISAM) application in TEASE. Through ISAM, a district can determine which stage of intervention has been assigned for DVM-L. All districts that triggered any DVM-L indicator have been assigned an intervention stage.
Districts assigned to Stage 1 will complete the DVM-L workbook for the indicator triggered and develop a DVM-L corrective action plan (DVM-L CAP) to address any leaver record coding or documentation discrepancies and/or noncompliance. Completion due date is February 20, 2015. Districts in Stage 1 will maintain the DVM-L workbook, DVM-L CAP, and supporting documentation locally. These districts will submit intervention and supporting documentation only upon request of the Texas Education Agency (TEA).
Districts assigned to Stage 2 or 3 will complete the DVM-L workbook for the indicator(s) triggered and develop a DVM-L CAP to address any leaver record coding or documentation discrepancies and/or noncompliance. The due date for completion and submission to TEA is February 20, 2015. Further, districts assigned to Stage 3 will engage in follow-up support activities to help ensure the successful implementation of corrective actions and leaver records data submission. Specific follow-up activities will be determined after the review of the submitted DVM-L workbook(s) and DVM-L CAP.
Additionally, districts assigned to Stage 2 or 3 will need to designate a DVM-L program contact in ISAM. Step-by-step instructions for completing this task are located on the DVM-L page of the TEA website.
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