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Texas Education Exchange


What is The Exchange?

Texas Education Exchange (The Exchange) is a statewide data platform built on Ed-Fi, a data standard for education systems. The low-cost, community-driven set of data services and end products are designed to support administrators, technologists, educators, and ultimately students.


The Exchange will unite disparate data sources to streamline the data-sharing process and provide actionable insights for educators that they can use to improve student outcomes. 


Led by the Region 4 Education Service Center (ESC) based in Houston, the statewide collaboration includes four partner ESCs: Region 10 (Dallas), Region 11 (Fort Worth), Region 13 (Austin), and Region 20 (San Antonio). 


On top of technical assistance, member districts will have access to valuable tools to support their schools. Features might include data health checks, customizable dashboards, expanded reporting, and early warning systems. Member districts will also receive help with the implementation and management of more efficient state reporting in collaboration with the Texas Education Agency.


The mission of The Exchange is to share validated and timely education data from a unified system that empowers districts across Texas. With data that works for them, educators can help students succeed.

What issues can The Exchange solve?

Scalable, Safe Technology

Like many states across the country, Texas has to balance growth and innovation while protecting students’ privacy. The Exchange will be developed for Texas educators by experts with classroom and administrative experience. While the platform will unify data under a single standard, the data will remain entirely under the ownership of its respective district. With The Exchange, student data is secure–even at scale.


Standardized Systems for Greater Efficiency and Better Decision-Making

Every day, educators are bombarded with information from multiple EdTech providers, including SIS vendors and LMS applications. In the wake of COVID-19, this provider count has ballooned, making data even harder to manage and access. The disconnected and fragmented system takes time away from educators' work with students by limiting their ability to use data for effective decision-making. The Exchange will unite these disparate systems to provide clearer insights and actionable takeaways.


Cost Savings

The Exchange will be free to districts during the grant period. Come September 1, 2024, the platform will transition to a modest fee-based system. The Exchange may collectively negotiate best-cost options from national vendors that bring value to ESCs and will provide applications built by The Exchange for the benefit of members.


Customization for User Friendliness

The suite of applications will offer customizable views for everyone, ranging from teachers in the classroom to district leaders and beyond. Other features like data health checks and portable student records are all in service of a better user experience.

Do you have questions? We have answers.

Our team will provide regular updates on our progress and plans to those directly involved in the implementation of The Exchange. We will execute a comprehensive strategic communications plan to ensure everyone interested receives updates throughout the project. 




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Exchange Information and Contacts:


Jerry Lashley, Director

Texas Education Exchange



Jennifer Duncan, Communications Specialist

Texas Education Exchange


Exchange Steering Committee Member ESC Email
Jerry Lashley, Director 4
Jeff Kohrman, CTO 4
Adam Warner 10
Chad Branum 10
Rory Peacock 11
Whitney Lawrence, Ph.D. 11
Michael Naber 13
Guillermo Lopez, Ph.D. 13
Paul Patillo 20
Jay Young 20



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