2023 STEAM Academy



The 2023 STEAM Academy Conference!

June 15, 2023

Thank You for Attending!





Thank you for attending Region 4’s 2023 STEAM Academy Conference. What an amazing day of exploring, investigating, and innovation! The presenters shared unique and fun ways to create meaningful learning experiences. Observing attendees at the "Kite Make and Take" session, was exciting and inspiring. Over 30 vendors shared creative ways to engage students in the learning process.



2023 Breakout Sessions

Take Your Teaching and Learning to New Levels with—
  • STAAR® 2.0 and STEAM  (Bobby Murphy)
  • STEAM in Motion! STEAM Education, Careers, and Community Partnerships (Shaena Walker)
  • The Fundamental 5 of STEM (Rebecca Zalesnik)
  • Work Smart with Project-Based Learning (Deb Coniff)
  • Innovate Like a Boss: Building 21st-Century Skills with Canva for Education (Robin Tatmon)
  • What’s on the Menu?—Student Tested and Approved (Telicia Smith)
  • STEAM in Motion! STEAM Education, Careers, and Community Partnerships
  • Integrating Robotics & Coding into Core Content
  • Innovate Like a Boss: Building 21st-Century Skills with Canva for Education 
  • STEAM Nights Unpacked & Made Easy!
  • Full STEAM Ahead: Field Experiences that Inspire and Engage
  • Using Local Phenomena to Engage Students in Science and Engineering Practices (Elementary)
  • STEAM Takes Flight with Birds!
  • Leverage Video Based Teaching and Learning Strategies in STEAM 
  • Edpuzzle Playground
  • Ignite Your Students’ Interest in STEM with SPARX Grades 6-12
  • Easy to implement STEAM Solutions with Sphero 
  • STEAM Takes Flight with Birds!
  • Using Local Phenomena to Engage Students in Science and Engineering Practices (Elementary and Secondary Sessions)
  • Gaming! Who Got Next?
  • STEAM with TinkRworks
  • Hands-On Astronomy with Slooh
  • Region 4's Innovation Challenge: The Ultimate Problem-Solving Competition for Grades 9–12
  • Gamification: Don't Recreate the Wheel, Add Rims
  • Fly a Kite Make-and-Take Activity with TEKS
  • Breakout!! Escape Rooms for the Science Classroom


Meet This Year's Panelists!

steam academy panel

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! A STEAM Make-and-Take Activity


Region 4’s Let’s Go Fly a Kite! Make-and-Take activity was a soaring success. Librarians, teachers, and even a couple of students on summer break stopped to scour the tables and scoop up kite-making supplies they would use to design, build, and test their kite creations. Would they fly or flop?

There were two scheduled group launches and the weather outside was perfect: blue skies with just the right amount of blustery wind for a flight test. Some kite engineers decided to test their luck indoors and used the open space in the Merrell Center arena to skip, spin, or slow trot with string in hand and kites cutting through the air behind them. They flew!

Not only did the participants walk away with some homemade show-and-tell, but they also left with a colorful 8-page booklet that included ideas to support this activity in their classrooms no matter what subject they taught. How? The booklet featured dozens of middle school science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics TEKS in the booklet along with history, fun facts, and additional teacher resources. A bonus Technology Integration Activities page provided even more ideas to extend the lesson. Who knew making a kite could be a STEAM-driven activity?

So, will this be on the schedule for the 2024 STEAM Academy? Maybe. Or maybe something even more fun and fabulous is already in the works. Keep checking. 

Planning for a Sweet Retirement



You are invited! Join us for a lunchtime dessert treat!

This presentation will provide an overview of the TX Teacher Retirement System and the options available to public school employees. This information is relevant to ALL educators, both new and experienced.


Presented by Jonathan Powell, Equitable Advisors.





Testimonials from the 2022 STEAM Academy

I started brainstorming how to adjust my art lessons to be more engaging from a STEAM perspective
and include movement.

I learned . . . how to implement design and planning into my STEM classroom. 

I liked the STEMulating Design Challenges books and will encourage my campus to buy them.




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Join us for an awesome day of professional learning with three conference strands led by the best in the field:

  • K–2 (STEAM Awareness)
  • 3–5 (STEAM Exploration)
  • 6–8 and 9–12 (STEAM Career Pathways)
Main Office
Region 4 Education Service Center
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713.462.7708 | PHONE
Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in September of 2024.
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