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Region 4 STAAR® Science

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STEMulating Design Challenges in Science
Guides to implementing design challenges in the science and CTE classroom


These TEKS-aligned teacher resources:

  • provide background knowledge on concepts;
  • offer the opportunity to practice skills related to collaboration,
  • communication, creativity, and critical thinking;
  • support the development of time management, adaptability, and innovative thinking;
  • connect to careers and real-world content applications;
  • outline the basic components of a STEM classroom;
  • present guidance on how to use an engineering notebook; and
  • scaffold the engineering design process using facilitation questions and sentence stems.
Design challenges encourage students to think about real-world issues and how students would solve them using available tools and materials. Some challenges even include a budget component. Each challenge is aligned to the TEKS, which are listed in the teacher guide portion of the challenge. The appendix sections provide more information and tips about implementing critical skills, setting up engineering notebooks, and establishing student expectations and roles. The appendices also include reproducible masters and sample rubrics.
Digital access to downloadable content, including the product and accompanying suggested resources, is provided through with a user license set up at time of purchase.


$75 per grade band. Order at using the product IDs below:


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Your partner for pedagogy! These new resources are designed to assist educators in the development of best practices specific to the science classroom.


460-2021-gwcg-academic-vocabfront-coverCompanion Guide for Academic Vocabulary NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Explains the importance of building multiple brain pathways to academic vocabulary words for quick memory retrieval
  • Addresses factors to focus on when considering the most impactful academic vocabulary words
  • Provides over 20 interactive strategies to help students learn and retain academic vocabulary words. 

Product ID: 460-2021 | Price: $75




r4scilitCompanion Guide for Literacy Strategies

  • Incorporates reading, writing, listening, and speaking in the science classroom
  • Clearly explains pre-reading, during-reading, and after-reading strategies
  • Provides editable templates and examples to support easy implementation

Product ID: 460-1849 | Price: $75




460-1850-interactive-notebooks-front-coverCompanion Guide for Interactive Notebooks

  • Illustrates the progression of K-12 interactive notebooks and how to scaffold for different grades
  • Includes templates to facilitate the implementation and management of interactive notebooks in the classroom
  • Provides clarity for assessing interactive notebooks

Product ID: 460-1850 | Price: $75




Engaging, ready-to-use, biology lessons at the rigor of the TEKS
Stop spending hours on end pulling from various resources to plan interesting biology lessons. Teaching Biology with E’s provides teachers with complete 5E lessons that will engage the brain, spark curiosity and discussions, and ultimately get students to learn and love science. See your class come alive with excitement through the use of thoughtfully designed lessons.  ORDER ONLINE



Available for:


Cell Structure

and Function


of Genetics

Biological Evolution and Classification

Biological Processes

and Systems

Interdependence within Environmental Systems


TEKS-at-a-glance: Time-Saving Texas curriculum tool.

Each TEKS Chart is a foldout with prepunched holes that fit into a three-ring binder. All of the science TEKS, including science process skills and content, are captured in one place. Highlight TEKS by unit or reporting category. Easily examine vertical alignment. Educators have been known to hide, cherish, and highly value these easy-to-carry foldouts even if they own more than one! Available for grades K–5, 6–8, and high school. Set of 10 for $20. | K–12 (one of each grade band; 3 charts total) $20 for set. ORDER ONLINE



sml-460-1827-wuts-grade-8-front-coverWARM UP TO SCIENCE: TEKS-BASED ENGAGEMENT ACTIVITIES

A formative assessment item for every student expectation, and then some.
The perfect fit for any lesson, these warm-ups can be used at the beginning, middle, or end of a lesson to check for understanding. Warm Up to Science saves you time, allowing you to focus on understanding what your students know. Pique their interest, cause them ask to why, and make them want to learn more! Discover what they know, listen for misconceptions, and informally assess their levels of knowledge all on the sly. Your students won’t even realize they’re working! Available for grades 3–8, biology, and chemistry, and in Spanish for grades 3–5. $75 per grade level. 


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A set of student-centered, engaging, review activities. Just say “yes” to riveting, rigorous review! This is STAAR® review in a nutshell – or in this case, a folder.

Saying “Yes!” means students will race to review because these activities involve engaging brain exercise, deep dive discussion, and hands-on hustle as students work to fine tune their knowledge and show off what they have learned. Stop using released items as content review. Each folder activity includes content review, a literacy component, and a sample test item at the rigor of STAAR. Folders are designed so students can check their own work to monitor their understanding. Volume 2 books consist of entirely different TEKS than Volume 1. Available for grades 4, 5, 8, and biology. Available in Spanish for grade 5. $75 per grade level.


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The goldilocks of science. An all-inclusive, cover-to-cover, 5 E science curriculum.

Need more time for learning and less time for planning? Need ready-to-go 5 E lessons? Need a scope and sequence? Gateways to Science is the answer! Focus on your students with ready-to-use, rigorous, hands-on lessons. Gateways to Science is an instructional program based solely on the TEKS. One-hundred percent of the Science TEKS are covered without having to add concepts to the curriculum. Product crosswalks show which lessons or activities to omit based on the 2018 streamlined TEKS.


Lessons are written in a 5 E format, on grade level, and at the rigor level of the TEKS. Lessons include hands-on activities, reading passages, and conclude with assessments. Available for kindergarten, grades 1–8, and biology. Pricing varies per grade level. Download grade-level samples.











Kindergarten Grade 1 Grade 2 Grade 3 Grade 4












Grade 5 Grade 6     Grade 7 Grade 8 Biology







Focused, foundational 5 E science lessons you can’t live without.
Do you need excellent examples of 5E science lessons but aren’t ready to commit to purchasing Gateways to Science? Do you or your students ever struggle with hard-to-teach and difficult-to-learn concepts? If so, we wrote these lessons for you! In fact, we wrote them for you even if that description doesn’t apply! The lessons in these books are totally separate and different from lessons in Gateways to Science. Make your and your students’ lives easier with this invaluable resource!

ORDER ONLINE   | Download samples:  Grade 5  |  Grade 8  |  Biology






















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