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Worst of Times—Best of the Human Spirit RSS Feed

Worst of Times—Best of the Human Spirit


Oh, my! Hurricane Harvey hit Texas with fury and then hung around like a thief in the night. He kept taking . . . and taking . . . and taking! He took homes, he took our sense of security, he even took lives. Over the past week I feel like I have seen the worst of times, yet I also saw the best of the human spirit! I think that Texans have set the standard for what it looks like for neighbors helping neighbors. And then come the compassionate folks from other places (yes, there are other states!) that drove hours to get here to lend a hand in whatever way they could. Some brought boats, some brought supplies, and some just brought their hearts to hold the hands of people in the shelters who had lost everything. It became very apparent that in a crisis there are no borders—we are all one big family!

Why this happened is not for me to answer, but I do know that when things are at their worst, we often realize what truly matters in life. We realize that what is important is not the “stuff," the possessions that we have so carefully collected, the car, or even the house. What is important is the connection that we have to one another, how we raise ourselves up to deal with adversity, and how we help others. After that, everything else is just stuff!

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