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What I Learned from Baxter

I am so sorry that your weekly update is late! I got a bit off course last week because on Thursday afternoon we had to make that decision that all of us dread . . . letting a pet go. Our dear, sweet Baxter (who was really not a dog at all!) had put up a gallant fight with cancer for a year. Baxter was a certified therapy pet and we used to visit hospitals with him. I watched hospital patients smile for the first time in weeks when they saw him walk into the room. Even as a pup, he had the soul of an old dog. He sat back and watched before jumping in . . . he gravitated to the people who needed him the most…he understood the importance of just “being there”.

I learned so much from precious Bax. 

  • I learned that sometimes it is best just to lean on someone and be quiet to comfort them.
  • I learned that the quieter you are, the quieter the people around you.
  • I learned that just because you had a hard beginning, that is not your destiny forever.
  • I learned that black hair on a white carpet is not a good idea, but after a while love makes you not notice!
  • I learned that when others sniff too close, just sit down and it puts a stop to all that nonsense!
  • I learned that a long sad look can get you just about anything!
  • I learned that sniffing food before you eat it sometimes really is a good idea!

My heart will never be the same after losing this precious companion! It is larger because of the mark he left, yet there is a hole that I don’t think will ever quite fill. Hug your fur babies a little tighter tonight and sneak them an extra treat. Tell them it is from Baxter!

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