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Value of a Teacher

I attended a great Leadership Conference in Cy Fair ISD this week, where I heard a psychologist by the name of Dr. Adam Saenz speak about the power of a teacher. As chance would have it, that happens to be the name of his new book! Funny how that happens . . . :-)

He is a fan of the Antiques Road Show. The basic premise of the show is that people bring in old items (pottery, furniture, etc.) and the expert appraiser tells them the value. Dr. Saenz said he loves it when someone finds out the piece is very valuable and they had no idea . . . they had been treating it as junk! Suddenly, when they take it home, they treat it as precious. They protect it, show it off, and even insure it! 

He related this concept to some of our students. For some of our kids, they do not have access to an “expert appraiser”. No one ever tells them how valuable they are! Here is the fundamental truth  .  . . value determines function! If you think something is worth more, you protect it, nurture it and insure it. Our kids need to know their value and live as though their choices matter! 

Often one teacher becomes that expert appraiser for a child. The child hears for the first time that someone believes in him, values him, and thinks he has potential! Our teachers are very powerful in that way! All it takes is one teacher willing to bless the child with value and it can literally change the trajectory of the child’s life . . . it did for Adam Saenz!

I challenge you to think about how you can support your staff in their appraisal skills! Remind them how much their relationship with students matters. How can they make every child feel priceless? 

Have a great week! 

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