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The Little Things

Speaking of the little things, let me share with you something that happened to me this weekend. As I was driving to Galveston on Friday night, my right shoulder began to tighten up. By the time I reached the causeway, I could not lift my arm to hold the steering wheel! The next morning I still could not raise my arm higher than my waist. You would be amazed at how many things occur above your waist!!! I could not wash my hair, reach the sink faucet, or even raise a glass up to drink (Water, of course! Got to stay hydrated!) 

Now you might ask, “Ginger, why didn’t you go to the doctor?” Good question . . . for someone else . . . I am of the old school. I was raised that Pepto-Bismol and Vick’s Salve could cure anything that was worth curing! That said . . . I had NEITHER! But I did have ice and ibuprofen . . . close enough! So after a day of “self-medication” I was able to do all those things that I had not been able to for so long (OK, it was only 24 hours . . . but it felt longer!). I could dry my hair, turn on a faucet, and even eat and drink again without spilling most of it down my shirt! 

I learned several things from this experience:
  • My left arm is not good for much other than supporting stuff I am holding in my right hand and clapping. No ambidextrous skills for me!
  • Most of what I need is more than 3 feet above the ground!
  • You don’t appreciate it till you don’t got it!

Now you might expect me to make the connection to appreciating what we have and not losing sight of the glorious wonders of the human body . . . but I don’t have time for that . . . I am too busy raising my hand full of chocolate to my mouth! ?
Have a fabulous weekend!

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