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Take Care of Your Own Needs

Here it is . . . we have waited for it since the second day of school…HOLIDAY TIME!!! We LIVE for these 2 weeks . . . we NEED these 2 weeks! Make sure that you enjoy your time off and truly take care of your own needs.

Every time you fly you hear these words,  "If you’re traveling with passengers who need assistance, put your own mask on first before assisting other passengers.” We need to take these words to heart in our lives outside of the airplane too. We can’t help others until we take care of ourselves. Now is the perfect opportunity to put on your own mask first. Try some of these suggestions from noted psychologists:

  • Do something new
  • Do something spontaneous
  • Do something you enjoy
  • Do something adventurous
  • Do something romantic

If you even did 2 of these during the holidays, I just know you will come back ready to face the work before you!

I wish for you a novel, spontaneous, enjoyable, adventurous, and romantic holiday! (And if it really is . . . I would love to hear the stories!) Know that you remain in my heart! See you next year!

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