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Respecting the Flaws

Iknow that you are ending down school right now and reflecting back on the year. Sonja Hollan shared the following story with me this morning and I thought it had a great message for all of us. Enjoy the message: 

Many years ago, there was an elderly woman who carried two pots that were each hung across the back of her neck on the ends of a pole. One pot was perfect. The other one had a crack in it. She would walk down to the pond, fill the pots up, and walk slowly back to her home. The perfect pot always was full of water when she got home. The cracked pot was only half-full. One day, a young girl said to the elderly woman, "Why do you carry the cracked pot? It's never full when you get home. It's cracked! The other pot is whole and beautiful. Why don't you have two perfect pots?" The old woman looked at the young girl, and said, "Did you notice the wonderful flowers all the way to my home on the path? They are on the side where the cracked pot always leaks. The pot leaks and waters the path and makes those flowers grow. Every day as I walk back from the pond, the water from the cracked pot waters the path. I always have beautiful flowers in my home thanks to the cracked pot." 

The moral of the story is that every child you encounter may have some flaws, but each of those children's flaws may lead to perfection in their own way. They each need someone to believe in them and show them the way to grow beautiful gardens of flowers of learning and wisdom in the world. You can do this. You are a difference maker. 

Have a great weekend!

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