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Respect for Teachers

When we last spoke, I was recovering from having my 9-year-old nephew for 4 days. I am breathing at a regular pace now, and the nightmares have stopped. :-) (Just kidding, you know I love him!) 

Anyway, I thought you would be interested in what he said to me as I was driving him home. I mentioned his other aunt (other side of the family . . . tall, thin, blond, beautiful . . . you get the picture! Did I sound a bit envious? Do forgive me! I digress). She also happens to be a teacher. When I mentioned her name, my nephew said, “Yes, Aunt GG, I do have an aunt who is a REAL teacher who works with kids in a classroom and doesn’t just work in an office all day!” 

Once I pulled the stake from my heart, I started to mention my Ph.D. and the importance of my job, but then I realized that what he said gave me great insight into how children view their teachers. Teachers are revered and held up as special. The teacher’s every word and action touches a child far beyond their time in that classroom. 

How fabulous that my nephew thinks that teaching kids is as good as it gets! I happen to think he is right! (I also think that those who support the teachers are pretty cool, too!) Now that we all remembered the hierarchy of impact, go out there and support those critical folks who touch the kids! Makes me want to hug a teacher! Have a great weekend . . . and go ahead and hug yourself!

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