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Remembering the Relationship

Maybe it is this time of year (or my age!), but I seem to be very sentimental lately!  I had the privilege this weekend to attend a lovely wedding for one of my staff. As I listened to the toasts and memories shared, I realized how special it was to be part of the initiation of such a blessed partnership.  I listened to them profess never-ending love for each other, and I watched family and friends commit to support and honor the relationship.  There was such joy, hope, and optimism! 
I sat there and thought that wouldn’t it be nice for people to be able to remember this feeling later, years into the relationship, when things get tough and people get overwhelmed with distracters?  Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that optimism and support again . . . be a “fly on the wall” and watch the wedding day all over again?
Might this be similar to the relationship between parents and schools?  When parents hand over to us their precious children for the first time, there is such excitement and hope for the future!  There is a marriage, of sorts, between two entities that are committing to their obligations to this child.  Soon there are squabbles and bumps in the road that cause us to forget our original commitment.  Sometimes the relationship sours, and our focus is on the broken relationship and not on what is important . . . the child.  If only we could rewind to that first day of kindergarten and see the excitement and expectations on everyone’s face. Remember the promises! Remember the relationship!
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