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You know, sometimes the stars really do align! The last couple of weeks have been really stressful. I had just about decided that I was somehow cursed. Then, today I walked out of a store into the parking lot to get in my car. 
As I walked behind my car, my eye was drawn to the back bumper. Was that dirt? A smudge? NO! There was a huge gash in my bumper, deep and long!
Then as I walked toward the driver’s door, I saw a long scratch down the door. What happened? Did someone hit me in the parking lot? Had I somehow done it backing into the garage? Shoot! Could anything else go wrong? The answer is “yes”! 
Just as I am practicing my call to my car dealership, I reach to open the driver’s door. I pulled on the handle and it did not open. I try it again—not a budge! Darn it! Now, even my key remote isn’t working! As I am standing by the door trying to figure out who to call, I notice that there are packages in the front seat that aren’t mine. Someone has been in my car!
Then, the fog clears . . .
  • These aren’t my packages.
  • These aren’t my scratches.
  • This isn’t my bumper gash.
  • This is NOT my car!!!
I sheepishly look behind me . . . at MY car! Oops! All of a sudden my world brightened. I run my hand across my undamaged bumper and door. I look at my empty front seat. A smile sneaks onto my face . . . I needed that!
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