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Just so you know, as I am writing this, I am also “licking my wounds” (metaphorically, of course!). 
Yesterday I went to the doctor for my knee and he ordered x-rays.  I sat in the x-ray room, watching the technician going through the familiar routine . . . loading the film, moving the camera around, etc.  We all know the precise tasks.  As she turns to position me, I wait for the familiar question that I have been asked every time I have ever had an x-ray . . . even at the dentist.  I waited and waited. She put me on the table, and I looked over at the metal apron hanging on the wall . . . still hanging on the wall.
Bottom line . . . You know you are old when the x-ray technician no longer asks you if you could be pregnant!  She could have asked. She should have asked . . . if only for my ego!!! 
I look forward to seeing you at TCASE next week.  I will be the old woman with a limp!
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