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Pi Day

I do realize that the week is not over, but I am off for a few days of “springing” and “breaking” myself! 

You know, I try to keep us updated on relevant events so that we can all appear smart when questioned! Well . . . today I found out (from a DOE blog) that Friday is Pi Day. Well . . . I am thinking . . . even though the DOE made a slight spelling error (bless their little hearts!) I can certainly celebrate a day that honors PIES!!! (apple, coconut, chocolate . . .) 

Then, I read on . . . the article said, “It’s time to celebrate pi, everybody’s favorite irrational mathematical number.” Well…certainly a disappointment for me! Let me see now . . . celebrate an irrational number . . . I am no mathematician, but as a psychologist . . . I say do the same thing that you do for an irrational child…put them on a BIP! 

As if celebrating the irrational wasn’t enough, the blog went on to say: This STEM-themed holiday is an ideal time to plan some Pi-filled activities for your classroom or for children at home. 

Really? “STEMs” I am all about stems (roses, carnations…you get my drift!) but are we so desperate for a celebration that we rely on numbers to bring us joy? I know the math-inclined ones out there already have your Pi balloons half inflated . . . though I am still thinking it is a stretch! 

Just so you know, the blog does give several suggestions for how to celebrate this very special day . . . my favorite of which is “sing Pi Day carols.” I think I am going to have to leave you with that little visualization . . . I trust that you can take it from here… 
  • We Wish You a Merry Pi Day
  • We Three Irrational Numbers from Orient Are
  • The 3.14 Days of Christmas
  • It Came Upon the Infinity Clear
  • Ding Dong Merrily on Pi
  • While Shepherds Watched…the Ratio of the Circle’s Circumference to its Diameter

I leave you to your Spring Break activities with the photo below of MY Pi celebration.


Photo by djwtwo on Flickr.

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