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Pay it Forward

It is rodeo time again! We love the cowboys (and cowgirls, of course!)  Hmmm, what would be the politically correct term? Cow-people? Cow-individuals? Bovine folks? Never mind . . . on with the story! We love the people of all genders who ride, groom, and play with the animals!
We also love the concerts, the carnival, and, of course, the BBQ. Sometimes all the frills overshadow the “why” of the rodeo, the reason it exists . . . helping kids get an education. What could be more important?
Recently, I was having dinner with someone who is on a rodeo committee. She told me a story that I thought was worth sharing. Several years ago, the wife of a high-ranking rodeo official was in the hospital. Her condition was very serious, and a physician with specialization in her illness was brought in to consult on her case. 
With much anticipation, the specialist arrived in the hospital room. As he entered the room, he walked up to the rodeo official and said, “I know you don’t recognize me, but a number of years ago you handed me a scholarship. That scholarship allowed me to go to college and eventually medical school.  And now I am going to use all that education to make your wife better.”
Wow! Did you just tingle? This is a great example of how you never know how your actions will impact the future. In my heart, I know that special educators pay it forward everyday! Thank you for the lives that you touch!
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