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Parking Garage

On Monday I attended a very interesting forum at Rice University, The Texas Tribune Education Policy Summit. First of all…just let me tell you . . . I felt so smart just being on the Rice campus! I began to feel less smart as I circled the campus 3 times looking for the parking garage only to realize they had disguised it as a stately brick building . . . eventually, I did see the “PARKING GARAGE” sign . . . but it was exceptionally small! ;) ( I think they did not even think about putting up “signs for dummies” on a campus full of brains.) 

Anyway . . . on to my purpose . . . below is the link that I got just minutes ago that has video of the sessions. If you are looking for something to do this weekend you might want to take a look at some of the sessions. I especially recommend the first and the last sessions. 

And of course . . . your Weekly Update is attached! Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a great weekend! 

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