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Obedience Training with Tucker

Just so you know, I am a bit chagrined this morning. Last night we had our first obedience training for Tucker (the new pup). These are hard core trainers…not the wimpy stuff you get in the parking lot of a pet store! By the way . . . did you know that the training is really for YOU . . . not the DOG!!! I thought MY behavior was fine . . . but obviously not! According to the trainer, Tucker is very smart and wants to do the right thing if only he could figure out what that was given MY inconsistent, overly protective behavior! I think the trainer is amazed I can even drive a car! (sarcasm alert!)

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the training I let it slip that I am a school psychologist. Reference to my profession (by the trainer) came up a number of times throughout the very LONG 60 minute lesson. I now apologize to all the school psychologists out there . . . my lack of dog training ability and therefore my lack of ability to put theory into practice, has tarnished the name of our noble profession! How come I could make it work for kids but not for dogs??? I am confused!

Unfortunately, we paid for 3 lessons up front so I have 2 more of these humiliating sessions to go. (This is why I never paid for a gym membership! ) I am thinking the “board and train” option would have been a better one. Drop off Tucker and two weeks later pick him up all trained! Why didn’t I think of this before? Well . . . I have to go now . . . I have lots of practicing to do so that I can reclaim the good name of “school psychologist” for all my friends. I am not going to be out performed by a
dog . . . AGAIN!

Wish me luck!!!

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