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As we head into this Mother’s day weekend, I wanted to share something with you that I read this morning that touched my heart. This morning I read an article in my latest Southern Living (yes, I am OLD and SOUTHERN!) It was written by Rick Bragg and was about a dog that wandered into his mom’s yard. She was “more than half dead, starved down to bones, her hair completely eaten away by mange.” (The dog—not his mom!) 

They didn’t even call the vet because they knew what the vet would do! Optimistically, they named her Pretty Girl. They fed her, treated her, and brought her back to life . . . literally! Turns out, she was a beautiful white German shepherd. No one would have predicted such a transformation, but his mom believed and could not bear to give up on Pretty Girl. The author ended the article by saying, “There are things we cannot explain, things beyond science, like how a man could name a ravaged and dying dog, and have her rise inside that, somehow to make it true.” 

I have just about dried my tears now! I am ready to make the connection for you . . . here it comes . . . this is what you and your staff do every day. You take children that some people have given up on or have lowered their expectations for. You provide the supports and resources to make them successful. You make the hard decisions that aren’t always welcomed by others, but in the end students transform! 

Being a mother is not just biological, it is caring for someone enough to make tough, unpopular decisions. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers, want-to-be mothers, and those who love kids enough to fight for them!

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