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Mistaken Assumptions

I wanted to share something with you that happened this weekend. A great example of mistaken assumptions! Let me give you some background. We have had some really high tides in Galveston. It has brought in a lot of trash up on our beach. Saturday morning, as I am walking Tucker on the beach, I was noticing all of the trash and fretting about how to clean it. (I know it will surprise you to know that I am in charge of beach raking for our neighborhood beach. Because my job at Region 4 is not nearly demanding enough!!) 

Fast forward a couple of hours . . . I am sitting on the deck of our beach house, enjoying the peace and calm. All of a sudden, I see about a dozen teenagers walk on to the beach. Not enough to get my attention . . . but then more follow them and even more follow them! I now have 50–60 teenagers on the beach, all gathered in small groups. As you can imagine, my first thought was . . . "Shoot! What in the world are all these teenagers up to, gathering on my beach? This can’t be good! (We have had a few incidents of “rowdy” teens engaging in behaviors that they wouldn’t tell their mamas about!)" I am anticipating that this is not going to be a pretty situation! I look around the house to the street to see where all the potential delinquents are coming from. To my surprise, there is a school bus parked in front of my house! What now! School districts are somehow enabling hordes of teenagers in taking over unsuspecting beaches? On a SATURDAY??? 

Picture me on my deck, poised for trouble . . . ready to intervene if needed. Now picture my surprise, when the kids start putting on gloves and distributing trash bags! For a second, I can’t process the scene . . . then I snap to it . . . they are here to CLEAN the beach! Now picture me quite chagrined that my first impression was an assumption of bad intent and instead the students are performing altruistic acts of kindness! Shame on me! I promise at that point to have a positive presupposition when it comes to teenagers. I will let you know how it goes! :-)

By the way . . . Thank you Spring Branch ISD . . . It was YOUR bus parked in front of my house!

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