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On a side note, I (like everyone else) was mesmerized by all of the coverage this week about Nelson Mandela. Every documentary and news show talked about the impact that one man had on an entire country. Huge impact . . . to be sure! 

Several times I heard a commentator say that there would never be another person like him. Though that may be true, it made me think of you guys . . . out there every day making a difference one child at a time. Even though a special educator’s impact may not change a country, it does change the life of a child! One by one, lives are changed . . . just as spectacular to that child and that family as turning around a country. Unfortunately, the special educators’ life work does not produce the fan-fair, but know in your heart that it is ever so important! 

Thank you for the amazing job that you and your staff do every day . . . though often “under the radar”! Know that I picked up your signal!! :-)

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