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Just When You Think You Have It Bad!

This morning I took a bath in a coffee pot! Well . . . almost! My day started at 5:00 a.m., just like any other. I walked Tucker a couple of miles (OK . . . a bit of an exaggeration!), so he could check his “pee mail” and then came home to start the getting ready process. I was soaking wet because even that early in the morning, it was hot and humid. I was certainly looking forward to a good shower!


faucetSo first, I go to brush my teeth. I turn on the faucet . . . no water . . . hmmm . . . that is strange. Then, as if I believed it was just a fluke—that the faucet was just being stubborn, I tried the his sister faucet, just to see if she was better behaved! No water! Now I am really confused. Water always comes out when I turn the faucet. Perhaps I didn’t turn it right. Perhaps I needed to turn it harder . . . no use! No water out of any faucet no matter how hard I turned. How I held my tongue! How I prayed!


What am I to do? I have to go to work. To do that, I have to be beautified . . . or at least clean! I call 311 to explain my need for water. Surely the lady at the call center likes a good shower in the morning! She will understand my plight and flip the switch to give me that clear gold that I now value so much! Come to find out, she is actually prefers a shower, very hot . . . but she has no magic switch for my water. The whole neighborhood is dry! When I hear this, I can’t understand why I don’t hear moans of despair from the women up and down the street! How could they take this so lightly?


Now I realize I have to make do. There will be no shower, there will be no washing of hair, and there will be no beautifying!!! I don’t even have water to brush my teeth. I had just put bottled water on the shopping list last night because we were totally out. The only water I can find in the house (and I looked in EVERY room!) was in the toilet and Tucker’s bowl!! As I am trying to make the choice (it was close), I remembered my single-serve coffee pot. It has a reservoir of water in the back of the pot. I am saved!!! Please, Lord, please . . . let there be some water in there! Jackpot! Two cups! You would have thought I had discovered the meaning of life!


I poured the water in bowl and as I am headed upstairs with it to have a toothbrushin my dentist would envy, I had a eureka moment. With this much water, I could purt-near take a bath! So I took my precious water to the microwave, nuke it till it jiggles, and take it upstairs. Now . . . even as close as we are . . . I will stop the details of my next moments right here. But just know that those 2 cups of water were enough.


After my luxurious bath (my Mom would call it a “spit bath”), I am tired of it taking this much thinking just to get ready. I am feeling a bit sorry for myself as I finally drag my moderately clean self into work. Surely, I win the “lousy morning” award! As I am describing my morning adventure to folks in the office, one of my secretaries tells me that she has been without water for 2 days and is hoping it will finally get turned on tomorrow!


Good reminder . . . stop the pity party . . . someone else always has it worse!

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