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Holiday Truth

By now you are one day into your holiday. My hope for you is a restful time, but I have a feeling yours will be similar to mine . . .

  • HURRY—Buy all the gifts.
  • SCURRY—Pack it all up.
  • SCRAMBLE—Cook for days.
  • WORRY—Will everyone get along? Will the meal be amazing? Will I forget something important?
  • CLEAN UP—Too many leftovers, not enough Tupperware.
I find myself spending so much time trying to arrange the perfect holiday that I end up not appreciating the moments. When all the prep is done and everyone is finally together, I am fretting about the next step!
Here is my plan for this year . . . might I recommend it for you too?
  • Don’t spend time trying to make things “perfect,” because they never are . . . decorations, food, or people!
  • Remember that time with loved ones is the most important thing . . . more important than gifts, a Martha Stewart meal, or a clean house!
  • Know that something is going to go wrong. It always does! Accept that it makes for great stories for next Christmas! 
OK, let’s compare stories when we come back in January! Have a blessed holiday!!
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