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I hope you all had a chance to relax a bit over the July 4th holiday! I am coming off of 7 days with my 9-year-old nephew, Tanner. Oh my goodness! He is nonstop, 24/7! Aunt GG is even older than she thought . . . I have body parts hurting that I didn’t even know I had!! 

I hope your holiday was a bit more relaxing! 

Though I require medical intervention after having Tanner, I absolutely love it! Unfortunately, he does not have a grandmother, and I try to fill in that hole in his experience. As a child, I remember my time in the summer with my grandparents as the highlight of my year. I looked forward to it all year long! My grandparents showed unconditional love! They oohed and aahed over me, pampered me, and hugged me . . . a lot! Though I did not deserve all their acclaim, it sure did feel good. I knew that they would encourage me, support me, and love me . . . no matter what! 

You know . . . I think that is often the role that teachers play for kids, especially special education teachers! Teachers can make the critical difference in a child from dejected to inspired . . . hopeless to hopeful! Thank you for your support of these very important individuals! Because of your leadership, your staff can be that inspirational force to a student in need!

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