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Government Shut Down

The last time the government shut down I was pulling a 33 foot camper to Big Bend out in west Texas. We heard along the way that the shutdown might happen, but never made the connection...we thought, “How could that impact us way out here!” I know YOU are ahead of me on this…..wish I had realized that Big Bend is a NATIONAL park. Twenty-two hours on the road and all we could do is pull up to the locked gate of the park! It was definitely an “oh, shoot” moment!

In an attempt to make lemonade out of lemons, we did find some other interesting sights to explore…all involving rocks and dirt. After a while, I did begin to miss trees and green! 

Regardless of what the government does…I am confident that YOU never shut down in your support of students with disabilities! 

Thank you for your commitment!

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