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Fitbit: Starting Over

I am a bit late with it this week. I have been on a three-day “family trek.” I drove to Jackson, MS, to check on my 98-year-old grandfather who had just returned from a high school reunion! Really!?! I’m thinking it was a SMALL gathering! Then, I drove to Natchitoches, LA, to check on my dad, who had just had knee surgery. He was riding his mower while icing his knee. I come from a hardy stock! 

During all this driving time, I had lots of time to think about things. I won’t bore you with everything I thought of, but somewhere along the way I looked over at my purse and saw my Fitbit attached to the handle. (In case you don’t know, a Fitbit is a pedometer on steroids! It counts your steps and keeps track of them in a graph. A summary of your number of steps is stored on the website, and you can compare your steps to your friends’. A little friendly competition is a powerful thing!) 

I realized when I looked at the Fitbit that #1—I had forgotten to attach it to ME, and #2—It didn’t matter, because with all this driving I was not having a chance to take any steps and make my step graph impress my friends. Three days in the car was going to put me way behind in my accumulation of steps. Heck . . . I will never catch up! Then I remembered the Fitbit charting of steps starts over each Monday! I love that! No matter how far behind I get, I can start over and leave my shameful week behind me! That gives me hope. I am able to have a clean start with hope for a better outcome next time! 

This is really not a bad concept for life. Are there situations in which you would like to start over? Are there relationships in which you would like to get a fresh start? Well, it is up to YOU! Clear the air with that staff member with whom there has been “bad blood.” Express your regrets for how things were and ask for a clean start. Carrying baggage can be burdensome and keep you from moving on. New school year, new start! (All this deep thinking from an unused Fitbit!) 

By the way, I did figure out that if you attach the Fitbit to your key chain, the swinging of the key chain mimics steps! You will be proud to know, I walked over 600 miles this weekend! That is my story, and I am sticking with it!!! Have a great week!!

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