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Do You Know Where You are Going?

Yesterday, I was at Region 13, in Austin, meeting with TEA and the other ESC Special Education Directors. We will have plenty to talk about in our Director Meeting next Thursday. I hope to see you there!

When I walked into the Region 13 building, a pleasant young lady saw me and asked, “Do you know where you are going?” My automatic response was “Yes, thank you”  . . . but then I literally stopped in my tracks and had one of those epiphany moments. Do I really? Do I really know where I am going? I know where I am going for the next 8 hours, but where am I going after that…and after that . . . and after that? I am so busy dealing with the immediate issues (stuff that comes across my desk, questions from staff, E-MAIL!!!) that I don’t feel that I really have planned for the long term.

Sure, I talk about helping meet my department goals, about supporting districts, about being a more patient person, about exercising more…but do I really know what that looks like . . . and do I have a plan to get there . . . NOT SO MUCH!!!

So now I am really confusing this nice lady who was trying to direct me. I said I knew where I was going, but I am standing still in the hallway! She walks toward me…”Is there a problem?” she asks. I respond, “No . . . Yes . . . I thought I knew where I was going . . . but now I am not sure I have a plan.” She looks at me oddly and says, “You should make a left.” Now I look at her oddly and realize she did not know all the stuff that just went on in my head! I started to explain . . . but then I thought better of it. She already thought I was too weird. So I just thanked her and turned around to go where she was directing and ran smack into a wall! Here’s the good news…you will be glad to know I did not tell her I was from Region 4. (Unless she noticed the Region 4 badge, bag, and notebook?!?!) I should start carrying generic supplies!

Have a great weekend!

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