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Birthday Tiara

Yesterday was my birthday. Now typically, I try not to think about such things . . . but in addition to a surprise party (how cool is that??!) my staff gave me a tiara. I am not sure they really expected me to wear it, but what do you think? I wore it all day long! Through multiple meetings . . . some internal . . . and some with outside folks. I would forget I had it on until I would notice someone giving me that odd second look and then I would remember, “Oh, yea . . . I am princess for the day!” Somehow I felt more energized all day. Folks were friendlier, took time to talk, and even talked about their desires to wear a crown (or their history doing so!). 

Anyway . . . it was a great day and when I came in to work this morning, my first thought as the elevator doors opened was, “What a shame, no crown today!”. Of course now that I know what it feels like, it will become the department tradition . . . its your birthday . . . you get a crown! Everyone deserves to feel special! I encourage you to get your own “crown”  . . . maybe not literally . . . but figuratively. (In my former district it was a boa . . . you had a bad day . . . you got to wear the boa to cheer you up!) Do something to make you feel special and celebrate who you are. We work too hard not to!!! Know that I celebrate you everyday!!!

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