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Big Things First

I hope the summer is going well for you. About this time is typically when I started to realize that I had way more list left than summer! Good luck with the list . . . bite off the big stuff first, and the rest will fall in place. 

As I wrote that brilliant bit of wisdom, I instantly pictured those demonstrations that motivational speakers always use—the large rocks, small rocks, and sand fitting into a jar. (You know . . . you have to put the big rocks in first and then the small rocks and then the sand to fit it all in.) But after having just spent a week at Harvard with 11 other Region 4 staff, I have a better example! Twelve people trying to get around Boston was not easy . . . it took 3 taxis (with 4 people in each) to get us to and from our conference every day. Unfortunately, the taxis are also fairly small in Boston (but so are the roads . . . so maybe that is good!). I know you are wondering the connection of taxis to prioritizing the big (critical) issues on your to-do list . . . well, here it comes! To fit 4 people in the taxi, I was always put in the front seat. Once we took these hips out of the way, the 3 smaller ones were able to fit into the backseat. See . . . take care of the big issues first . . . then the smaller items fall into place! 

By the way . . . did I mention I went to HARVARD?!?! Have a great week!!!

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