Transition Resource Library for Students Who are Deaf and Low Functioning

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This transition resource library was created for the purpose of providing instructional resources that assist in developing transition skills for students of all ages and ability levels who are DHH and low functioning. These documents, lessons, and notebooks can be used by students, teachers, parents, and agencies as a basis for instruction with the purpose of acquiring and retaining pertinent information.  The documents and links can be downloaded or utilized as needed in whole or in specific categories to enhance students’ portfolios.


All documents posted in the library were created or adapted by teachers of the deaf. These resources can be downloaded, edited, and/or stored on USB drives or notebooks, to be used by students and families when working with outside agencies and transitioning to postsecondary placements.  This material is reproducible and usable for educational purposes.


Do you have a transition resource to share?  Refer to Request to Submit Documents at the top of page. Our hope is to have teachers from across the state contribute to the library, making it a valuable resource for all. 



DHH Itinerant Teacher PLC

The Transition Resource Library was developed by the Region 4 DHH Itinerant Teacher Professional Learning Community in Houston, Texas. This is a group of certified teachers of the deaf who provide itinerant services to students who are deaf or hard of hearing (DHH). The teachers deliver instructional services to students, support educational teams, and participate as members of Annual Review and Dismissal (ARD) committees. They work for Regional Day School Programs for the Deaf (RDSPD) across regions 4, 5, and 6 in Texas. As members of the DHH Itinerant Teacher PLC, they collaborate to develop resources that improve instruction and service delivery for students who are deaf or hard of hearing. The focus of this project was to develop transition resources for students who are DHH and low functioning. The teachers’ experiences, time, and commitment to students are what made the resource library possible. A sincere thank you to the following teachers for their contributions:



Cindy Bookout 
Margaret Dean
Mary Beth Foulkrod 
Elizabeth Haag
Shelly Higgins 
Emily Neelley 
Lora Ouren 
Cathy Smith
Melinda Utley 
Donna VanderHorn 
Jill Windle



Topics and Sections Grid

The grid below contains information that can be used to support the instruction of transition skills as they relate to the topics of communication, postsecondary options, independent living, amplification, and technology. Each topic has information for students, teachers, families, and additional resources. Click on the individual squares to see a list of resources available as it pertains to the corresponding topic and section. The grid allows you to view each document and resource individually.




Sample Notebooks

The sample notebooks below can be downloaded and used as a student’s personal transition notebook. Students’ transition notebooks function as an evolving reference book that can be expanded as they acquire new knowledge, expand their resume, and engage in new experiences. Students can take the notebook with them upon graduating high school and use the information as they enter postsecondary life. Click on the binders below to access the complete document.






Request to Submit Documents


  1. All submissions must be educationally appropriate.
  2. All submissions must pertain to students who are DHH and low functioning.
  3. All submissions must pertain to one of the transition topics, which must be stated on the Request to Submit Documents form.
  4. All copyrighted materials must be accompanied by a copyright permission letter.
  5. Any and all student images must be accompanied by a Region 4 media release form, which gives signed parental/guardian consent for the use of a minor’s image.


  1. Complete the Request to Submit Documents form.
  2. E-mail the completed form and any pertinent documents to
  3. For questions, please contact Kelley Watt at or 713.744.6363



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