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Interested in Receiving Services from the Region 4 RDSPD?


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A member district of a shared services arrangement (SSA) is one that participates in a legally binding cooperative arrangement with Region 4 ESC to provide efficient delivery of legally required special education and related services to eligible students who are deaf or hard of hearing and who are residents of the member district. Member districts actively participate in the management of the Region 4 RDSPD through representation on the RDSPD’s Management Board.

A nonmember local education agency (LEA), either district or charter, accesses necessary services and/or placements within the Region 4 RDSPD. Nonmember LEAs do not have voting rights as part of the RDSPD’s Management Board. 



Requesting Services

School districts or charter schools that are not currently members of our SSA can submit a written request to Marina McCormick, Ed.D., Region 4 RDSPD Coordinator, to request consideration of services or placement for eligible students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Once the written request is received, a representative from the district or charter school will be present at a management board meeting to present information regarding the request. A link to a downloadable template for the written request can be found below.

Template for Formal Request of Region 4 Day School Program for the Deaf Services

Requested NonMember LEA or Charter Schools Services and Applicable Fees




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