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Audiological Services



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The Audiology Department located at T. H. Rogers School provides the following services to hearing-impaired students.

Teacher with sign that says I do it for the look on childrens faces the first time they hear sound.Free hearing tests are conducted on a regular basis upon recommendations from parents, teachers, nurses, or other school personnel. Appointments must be made by school personnel.

Impedance testing is a specialized test used to determine middle ear function.
Ear examinations are conducted through a visual inspection of the outer ear and otoscopy of the auditory canal and eardrum. 
Hearing Aid Evaluations can be performed. The audiologist can test your child and recommend the appropriate amplification. Suggestions can be made as to how you might obtain amplification for your child.
New Earmolds can be made for your child with considerable savings to you. The average cost of an ear mold is $35 and payment in advance is necessary. Earmolds are also available from local hearing aid dispensers.
Audiology maintenance is provided through supplying batteries, cords, and other necessities for your child's aid. To ensure that your child’s hearing aid is working at all times, batteries will be provided as needed. Batteries for amplification devices are $5 for a pack of six. Other minor repairs such as tubing or hooks are provided. These services are offered as a convenience to you. If you prefer, however, you may send spare batteries to school for your child.
Audiology repair is offered through sending your child's aid to the appropriate manufacturer if it becomes damaged. If the hearing aid is under warranty, there is no charge by the manufacturer. Otherwise, you are responsible for the cost of repair. Cost of repair varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but is usually $100–$150 per aid. You will be notified of the factory cost, and payment must be received prior to mailing the aid.
T. H. Rogers School 

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Audiologists Who Dispense Hearing Aids (via Children’s Medicaid)

Audiologists Who Dispense Hearing Aids (non-Medicaid)

ENT Doctors

Medical Clinics Available in the Houston Area




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