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Workshops at Region 4

social-studies-emerging-teachers-graphic-2019EMERGING SOCIAL STUDIES TEACHER SERIES

Building an Effective Toolbox for Teacher Development

For Preservice, New, and Developing Teachers


Classroom Management

October 8, 2019

Classroom management is one of the biggest barriers to effective classroom instruction. It is an even bigger barrier for emerging teachers. Social Studies teachers have a responsibility to know their students, effectively organize their rooms, teach appropriate technology usage, develop and model culturally responsive rules and procedures, and most importantly, set high expectations, all while teaching dozens of TEKS. During this session, teachers will review and evaluate their own beliefs about classroom management, as well as discover new insights, concepts, strategies and interventions that address behavioral and organizational challenges that emerging social studies teachers may face in their classroom.  DETAILS



Instructional Planning
Instructional planning is at the heart of effective instruction. Teaching is complex and involves thoughtful preparation and planning. All teachers, especially emerging teachers, need to have manageable, measurable, and intentional lesson plans. Social studies teachers have a responsibility to teach the TEKS to the intended level of rigor and beyond. In order to do this with fidelity, teachers must know how to organize and unwrap the standards. During this session, teachers will use this understanding to design effective learning experiences to meet the needs of all learners and to evaluate available resources to ensure TEKS alignment.  DETAILS
High Impact Strategies

December 11, 2019
When teachers improve, students improve. However, in order for this occur, teachers must have proficiency in choosing the right strategy and delivering it with fidelity. Using high impact strategies maximizes student engagement and achievement in the social studies classroom. During this training, teachers will move from research to practice in delivering effective instruction. Teachers will also be given step-by-step guidance to successfully implement these high impact strategies. Join us as we explore both research and evidence-based practices and use them to increase students' intellectual engagement, as well as appropriately scaffold social studies instruction to support all learners.  DETAILS



Questioning and Formative Assessment

January 22, 2020

Asking the right questions allows teachers to invigorate and sustain productive discussions. Standards-aligned formative assessment empowers social studies teachers to make sound instructional decisions in their classrooms. Taken together, these practices provide teachers with information needed to adjust instruction while the learning is still happening. Join us as we experience a variety of questioning and formative assessment techniques that will activate prior knowledge, build on concepts and skills, transfer knowledge, and help students to reflect and self-assess. Teachers will leave this session with a toolbox of formative assessment and questioning techniques that will take their instruction to the next level. Registration details available soon.



Digitizing Learning

March 4, 2020
One of the keys to quality instruction in the 21st century is the appropriate infusion of technology. Social studies teachers have a responsibility to provide authentic learning experiences that will build skills that students need to be productive citizens. During this session we will explore various technology tools that support information fluency, collaboration, and critical thinking. Join us as we equip your toolbox with media rich resources that support a variety of processing skills through the use of documentaries, movie clips, movie trailers, news clips, music, photography, and artwork.  DETAILS





5es-over-world-cultures-vol1-cover-461-1907-small5Es Over World Cultures, Part 1

October 10, 2019
5Es over World Cultures is a series of conceptually designed instructional lessons that are seamlessly aligned to the Texas Essential Knowledge Skills (TEKS). Come learn how to incorporate the 5E Model into your World Cultures classroom, as well as experience research-based, student-centered ready to use model lessons that are scaffolded to maximize your students learning experiences. 
For more information about the 5Es Over World Cultures resource, click here.  DETAILS



5Es over World Cultures, Part 2

December 4, 2019

5Es over World Cultures, part 2, is a second series of conceptually designed instructional lessons that are seamlessly aligned to the TEKS. This volume includes lessons on physical landscapes, cultural interactions, and the impact of technology on society.  Come learn how to incorporate the 5E Model into your World Cultures classroom, as well as experience these authentic research-based, student-centered, ready to use model lessons that are scaffolded to maximize your students' learning experiences. For more information about the 5Es Over World Cultures resource, click here. DETAILS






Thinking Like an Amateur Historian: Using Processing Skills to Think Critically in Social Studies

November 14, 2019
History classes are more than just dates and facts. The study of history necessitates that students apply critical thinking skills to organize and use acquired information from a variety of sources. During this session, participants will experience, discuss, and plan learning experiences that develop student proficiency in chronology, comprehension, analysis and interpretation, research, and problems-solving and decision-making. Join us as we shift our practice from being mere disseminators of historical information to facilitators that support amateur historians "doing history".  DETAILS



Sheltered Instruction Techniques and Strategies

December 3, 2019

Sheltered instruction is a means of making content comprehensible to ELLs.  Learn how to use social studies content to enhance understanding of the components of sheltered instruction by strengthening the writing of content and language objectives, and developing a tool box of content-specific strategies that address lesson planning, comprehensible input, building background knowledge, and interaction in the social studies classroom. DETAILS



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