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Workshops at Region 4


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Ethnic Studies Course Series

These workshops dedicated to the study of African-American and Mexican-American history will be offered this summer. For more information, e-mail


They’ve Approved the Course, Now What? Building Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction in Ethnic Studies
Is your district or school adding an Ethnic Studies course? Are you unsure of where to start, or how to enhance what you are already doing? During this session, we will discuss curriculum frameworks, authentic assessments, and best practices that will help you to construct a viable curriculum. Join us as we network and build our instructional toolbox to build a culturally responsive, robust, and interactive curriculum for your course. 

Best Practices in Ethnic History 
Are you looking for transformational instructional practices that promote cultural understanding, civic engagement and responsibility, and self-empowerment in your Ethnic Studies course? During these sessions, we will engage in different methods of instruction to highlight key concepts and build critical thinking and analysis skills. Join us as we examine best practices that create a thoughtful, rigorous, and cultural responsive Ethnic Studies course.

Building Background Knowledge in Ethnic Studies
Are you new to Ethnic Studies? Are you looking for an opportunity to build your background knowledge? During this session we will expand content knowledge by examining the TEKS and identifying resources and materials to grow our expertise. Join us as we improve our comprehension of obscure, unfamiliar, and hard to teach topics in Ethnic Studies.




Get-N-Go Lunch Series: Interactive Lecture (Virtual Workshop Series)
Are you looking for engaging, high-impact strategies to make your explicit instruction more participatory? Join us as we experience, dissect, and discuss implementation of interactive lecture strategies. Participants will leave this session with a template and exemplars for facilitating each strategy in a face-to-face or virtual environment.
These one-hour sessions begin at 11:30 a.m., with topics including:



Innovative Assessments: Creating Technology-Enhanced Items for Activities and Evaluation
June 23, 2021 
House Bill 3906 requires that STAAR assessments items may not include more than 75% of items in a multiple-choice format. As TEA shifts towards introducing these innovative items, teachers will need to provide opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with them throughout the school year. During this session, we will consider best practices for designing student-centered activities and assessment items, both formative and summative. Join us as we examine a variety of technology-enhanced items, and learn to recreate them using various online platforms. Learn more and register here.



For more information about these workshops or to request customized professional development, e-mail



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