Summer Nutrition Program

Summer Food Service Program




Click here for the SFSP onboarding tool!


Texas Department of Agriculture Food and Nutrition Summer Website


SFSP Application Timeframe and Deadlines

January 15: 
Access to the SFSP application packet opens in TX-UNPS. 


March 15: 
Deadline for CEs requesting an advance payment.


April 15: 
Last day to submit the SFSP Intake Form via to initiate the potential applicant review process. 


May 2: 
Deadline for renewing CEs.

SSO Application Timeframe and Deadlines

January 31:

  • Declare intention in TXUNPS for SSO or SFSP if mandated to operate a summer feeding program
  • Submit a waiver request in TXUNPS and verifiable documentation to TDA by email or upload

April 1:

Submit verifiable documentation outlining the CE's agreement to partner or collaborate with another CE or entity to provide a summer feeding program to TDA by email or fax.


May 31:

  • Submit application in TX-UNPS
  • Designate intention to request non-congregate feeding for approved outdoor summer feeding sites experiencing excessive heat10 in the CE and site application in TX-UNPS
  • Submit age/grade group waiver if staff are unable to determine the age/grade groups of the children being served


SFSP Vs. SSO Comparison Chart



Annual Training Requirement

SFSP training requirement is for all new Contracting Entities (CEs).


An authorized representative from your CE must attend the annual training and be able to disseminate the information to the rest of the organization before the program starts.


Either of the options listed below will satisfy the annual training requirement—you are allowed but not required to attend both.


SFSP Live Statewide Training: Statewide collaboration amongst the Education Service Specialists from across the 20 Regions in Texas to provide training to the Contracting Entities on the Summer Food Service Program.

Register here



SFSP Annual Training Require for NEW Contracting Entities April 3rd at the Houston Food Bank Register Here

SFSP Application Lab April 3rd at the Houston Food Bank Register Here


Self-Paced Online Class


SFSP Live Training - Save the Date April 10 & 11, 2024



Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) Seamless Summer Option
(SSO) *schools only 
Need Help?
  • SSO Age/Grade Portion Size Waiver
  • Summer Nutrition Cost Report
    • SFAs in which fifty (50) percent or more of the students are eligible for free or reduced-price meals are required to provide a summer nutrition program and must report program costs. SFAs must submit their district’s summer operating costs at the end of summer to TX-UNPS (even if the cost is $0). This information is known as the “Summer Cost Report” and can be found in TX-UNPS by accessing the School Nutrition Programs module under the Applications screen and clicking on the Summer Nutrition Program Costs link. If the SFA partnered or collaborated with another SFA or entity and did not incur any costs, you must still report your district’s summer operating costs by entering the operating cost as .01 in TX-UNPS.

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