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Preparing for ESL Certification


March 2, 2020

Title III Building the Beginning ESL Teacher's Toolbox: ESL Education, Cultural Awareness, and Family Involvement

Session ID: 1481923


March 3, 2020

Building the Beginning ESL Teacher's Toolbox Domain II: Language and Literacy Development 

Session ID: 1461920


March 17, 2020

Title III Building the Beginning ESL Teacher's Toolbox: Language and Literacy Development - Domain II: Language and Literacy Development

Session ID: 1461920


March 31, 2020 

Building the Beginning ESL Teacher’s Toolbox Domain II: Teaching Methods and Assessment
Session ID: 1461438  


Title III Building the Beginning ESL Teacher’s Toolbox: Teaching Methods and Assessment - Title  Domain III

Session ID: 1461438


June 2, 2020

Title III: TExES ESL Supplemental Review

Session ID: 1482308





TEA Title III Training of Trainers


February 4, 2020

Title III: Enhancing Instructional Opportunities for Immigrant Students (TOT)

Session ID: 1464859


February 13, 2020

Title III Increasing and Strengthening Parental Outreach (TOT)

Session ID: 1476027


May 28,2020

Title III Effective Early Childhood Instruction for the Young EL (TOT)

Session ID: 1464869




Title III Parent Family and Community Engagement


June 9, 2020

Title III Getting Parents of English Language Learners Involved in the School Culture

Session ID: 1461876



ESSA Consolidated Application and Compliance Report Title III Part A Grant


February 19, 2020

Title III Responsibilities under ESSA

Session ID: 1467964 


April 8, 2020

Private Non-Profit: Title III, Part A Services for PNP Schools

Session ID: 1468026


August 4, 2020

Title III Program Overview

Session ID: 1483662


Title III: Using Quality Data to Drive Programmatic Decisions

Session ID: 1483665  


August 5, 2020

Title III Guidance on the ESSA Consolidated Compliance Report

Session ID: 1469335  



Other Region 4 Sessions (not Title III funded)


January 28, 2020


January 29, 2020

 Instructional Coaching: Coaching Teachers of ELs

Session ID: 1483960 

February 5, 2020

Session ID: 1482305  


June 3, 2020

Moving from Learning Letters to Learning to Read

Session ID: 1482309  



TELPAS Series of online modules



Regional, State, and National Events


If you know of other state and national events that may benefit LEAs in the area of English Learners, please let me know so
that I may share with all our colleagues.


February 24–25, 2020

Annual National Meeting of the National Council of State Title III Directors @Las Vegas, Nevada 

February 25–28, 2020

NABE @ Las Vegas, Nevada 

April 28–30, 2020

ACET Spring Conference @ San Marcos, TX 

July 23–24, 2020

State Title III Symposium @ San Antonio,Texas



Online Resources


TEA Supporting ELs  Title III and other compliance documents 

Texas Gateway for Parental Outreach, Community Engagement, Immigrant, Early Childhood,
and PNP online trainings

TEA Grant program guidelines, provisions and assurances, and entitlements

Region 4 Title III services and additional resources 

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