Region 4 Texas Strategic Staffing (TSS) model is grounded in the Texas Effective Schools Framework (ESF)



Lever 2.1 of the ESF

  • Recruit, select, assign, induct, and retain a full staff of highly qualified educators.
  • The campus implements ongoing and proactive recruitment strategies that include many sources for high-quality candidates.
  • Clear selection criteria, protocols, hiring, and induction processes are in place and align with the school's vision, mission, values, and goals.
  • Campus leaders implement targeted and personalized strategies to support and retain staff, particularly high-performing staff.
  • Teacher placements are strategic based on student needs and teacher strengths.
  • Grade-level and content-area teams have strong, supported teacher leaders trained in adult learning facilitation and team dynamics.
  • Preferred substitutes are recruited and retained. 

Region 4 TSS

  • TSS works with EPPs and LEAs to help build the teacher pipeline.
  • TSS offers a set of professional design sessions to help EPPs and LEAs make sure that the strategic staffing plan is carried out correctly. These sessions help EPPs and LEAs come up with strict selection criteria and communication protocols. 
  • TSS works closely with district and university leaders to get their feedback on how strategic staffing models for the campuses should be made and put into place.  
  • Through intentional recruitment, selection, and placement processes, TSS leads the partnerships to meet the needs of both the teacher resident's growth and the needs of the students who need it most.
  • TSS helps the EPP and LEA do any training they need to do so that the coaches are ready to train future teachers through the residency. 
  • TSS has a variety of strategic staffing models that can be used to give residents the chance to work in different roles, such as substitutes, to meet the needs of the school and make sure that teachers are being trained well. 
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Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in September of 2024.
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