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State and Federal Programs

Danette Thornton

Education Specialist


Robin Ross

Education Specialist


Lisa Ratcliff
Education Specialist


Important Resources and Links


TEA's ESSA program compliance functions are provided primarily by the Federal Program Compliance Division (FPC),
which administers most programs of
the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). FPC is a division of the Department of Grant Compliance and Administration (GCA).



Title I Resources
In partnership with the Texas Education Agency, the Title I Statewide Parental Involvement Initiative provides resource information and tools to support this important work. 



Capacity Building Initiative
The Title I Capacity Building Initiative is coordinated by the Texas Education Agency and produced by Region 20 Education Service Center. This website serves as a central location for showcasing best practices in high achievement and closing the achievement gap between student groups. Please visit this site to access research, videos, and tools to assist schools in striving for continuous improvement.



The TEA Division of Grant Management has developed guidance resources to assist LEAs with fiscal program implementation. 

Accountability and Leadership Solutions is committed to providing support to traditional/charter districts and campuses through state and federal programs assistance and compliance supports. All offered workshops can further be customized and provided as on-site supports in your district/charter.

ESSA Program Information

Click one of the links below for more information about the following programs:

Title 1, Part A Title II, Part A
Title 1, Part C Title IV, Part A
Title I, Part D Private Nonprofit School (PNP) Services



Our department team assists districts, campuses, and charter schools with state and federal program management in the following areas:
  • Federal program director meetings
  • New federal program director training and on-site support
  • Technical assistance in the implementation requirements of Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)
  • Understanding federal program and compliance requirements for administering and managing Title 1, Part A; Title 1, Part D; Title II, Part A; and Title III, Part A, and Title IV programs
  • State Compensatory Education program management
  • ESSA consolidated grant application and compliance submission guidance
  • Standard application system (SAS) and expenditure reporting
  • Federal fiscal grant management
  • Private Nonprofit program management
  • Paraprofessional Qualifications
  • Culture and Climate
  • Charter School Support
  • Federal compliance reports submission guidance
  • Understanding the performance-based monitoring analysis system
  • A framework for schoolwide planning and school support teams
  • District and campus needs assessments and improvement plans
  • At Risk and Homeless
  • Networking opportunities for Title I campus principals and reward schools
  • Schoolwide reform strategies
  • Comparability of services
  • Collaboration with other federal programs
  • Texas Equity Planning
  • Supplement not Supplant under ESSA


Parent and Family Engagement (PFE)

Our department team offers a variety of ways to actively involve parents in the education system by examining current research pertaining to successful programs and spotlighting promising practices. Professional development offerings and services are available in the following areas:

  • ESSA PFE requirements
  • Parent and family engagement
  • School support and PFE
  • Capacity Building
  • Title I school-parent compacts
  • LEA Written Parental Involvement Policy
  • Campus Written Parental Involvement Policy
  • Annual Title I, Part A Meetings
  • Diversity
  • PFE Liaisons
  • Parents in Poverty



School Support Teams (SSTs)

Which Texas campuses are required to use SST services?

  • Title I Support Teams: School Support Team (SST) training is provided each year to schools needing to transition to schoolwide services.
  • Upon request of a campus or district, the Region 4 SST is available to work with individual Title I campuses.


Title I/Parental Involvement Leadership Network

The District Title I/Parental Involvement Leadership Network is a committee of superintendent-appointed individuals. Members receive current national, state, and local information on all supported areas. The goal of the committee is to identify trends and issues affecting districts, to give feedback on services provided by Region 4 ESC, and to network with other professionals. For more information or registration information, please contact Danette Thornton.
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