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Wanting to Be Remembered

Today we got home from a weekend trip. We walked in the back door and Tucker (the Wonder Dog) ran immediately to the front door. I was not surprised; he does this every time we come home from a trip. At first I thought riding in the car just made him need to “do his duties.” But then I realized he had to run though a perfectly good backyard to get to the front door. No! He wants to go for a walk in his hood! He heads out the door and immediately runs tree to tree, sniffing each one with vigor. We call it “checking his p-mail”!  I think he is checking all the messages left for him from his friends. Of course, once he checks his p-mail he leaves a message in return!

Isn’t that precious? He assumes that when he is gone, others are thinking of him. And really, don’t we all want that? To be remembered? Of course we do! 

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