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Geography by Design Volumes 1-6 now available.

Geography by Design
A conceptual approach to engaging students

Geography by Design is a series of conceptually designed instructional units that are aligned to the Texas TEKS (for national Geography standards correlation, follow the link below). The content is research based, and the lessons are student centered and scaffolded to maximize learning opportunities for students of all abilities.

Geography by Design embeds opportunities for differentiation for diverse learners and adaptation for the gifted and talented. Each teacher book contains a CD with student text and instructional resources.

For more information on the Geography by Design series, contact  

Product ID: 461-1734  |  $275 for the six volume set. 

 National Geography Standards and TEKS Correlation



Geography by Design - Volume Details
(Click on the volume cover for a PDF sample) Volume 1: Spatial Analysis and Physical Geography Introduces students to the discipline of geography and the concept of thinking spatially. Students are challenged to analyze the world in which they live, beginning with their immediate surroundings, and understand the spatial distribution of goods and services. Volume 2: Economic Geography and DevelopmentIntroduces students to the study of economic geography, which the Association of American Geographers defines as "being concerned with the location of industries and retail and wholesale businesses, on transportation and trade, and on the changing value of real estate." Volume 2 also addresses the levels of economic development of countries and regions and analyzes the spatial distribution of development on a global basis. Volume 3: Urbanization - Introduces students to the study of urban geography, which includes the study of the location, spatial structure, function, and classification of cities and the dynamics of people living in them. Volume 4: The Human MosaicIntroduces students to the study of the human mosaic of cultural geography, the study of the elements of culture. Students will have the opportunity to explore how cultures vary in different regions throughout the world.

Volume 5: Population and MigrationIntroduces students to the study of population and migration trends, analysis of these trends, and how governments work through the political planning process to balance the needs of a growing population with potential conflicts caused by the uneven distribution of natural resources. Volume 6: Political Geography and GlobalizationIntroduces students to political geography (the spatial analysis of the political organization of Earth) and globalization (the interaction and integration of people, companies, and governments of different countries).




5 Es over Texas
Social Studies STAAR Preparation

5 Es over Texas Social Studies STAAR Preparation for Grade 7 offers vital foundational components of Texas history standards aligned to content assessed on Social Studies STAAR. 5 Es over Texas provides instructional activities that address all Grade 7 Texas History TEKS and multiple forms of assessment. For more information on 5 Es over Texas, contact

5 Es over Texas features:
  • 32 teacher-ready instructional plans written in the student-centered 5E format
  • Alignment to the reporting categories for Grade 8 and U.S. History
  • STAAR Instructional plans addressing all of the current Grade 7 Texas History TEKS

5 Es over Texas, Grade 7, Teacher Edition
Product ID:  461-1553 / $50 each


5 Es over America - Coming Soon!
8th Grade American History STAAR Preparation Resource


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