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Region 4 Science Conference





















Have you ever asked yourself these questions?


  • How do I really know what my students are learning?
  • How can I teach in a way that engages all of my students?
  • What techniques could I use to manage my brain-compatible classroom without ever raising my voice?
  • What strategies can I use to make my professional learning experience unforgettable?


img0350-v2If you have asked those questions, you do not want to miss this workshop series. Each workshop is highly engaging, practical, and informative and will aid in enhancing your craft as educators. These workshops are both professionally and personally life-changing, and they are a lot of fun!

The suggested audience for these sessions includes teachers of all levels and content areas, campus/district administrators, instructional coaches, and instructional leaders.









Shouting Won’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Techniques to Detour around the Danger Zones
October 29, 2019


Have you ever noticed that the louder some teachers get when reprimanding students, the louder those students also become? Learn techniques for managing an active, brain-compatible classroom without ever raising your voice.

Experience five techniques that proactive classroom managers use to avoid problems in the first place.

Participants will learn to

  1. develop a relationship with each student,
  2. create a physical classroom environment that is conducive to optimal learning,
  3. deliver engaging lessons with the use of brain-compatible strategies,
  4. develop a proactive management plan, and
  5. tackle the most challenging 10% of students by using techniques that appear to work with such chronic behavior disorders as attention-deficit, conduct, or oppositional disorder.


You will also experience the bonus of learning to create a home environment that minimizes stress and maximizes calm! For session details and registration information, click here.













Worksheets Don’t Grow Dendrites: 20 Instructional Strategies That Engage the Brain
October 30, 2019

Have you ever wondered why some students cannot understand or recall important content after a 24-hour period? If your students are not learning the way you are teaching them, then you must teach them the way they learn!


In this session, participants will

  • experience 20 instructional strategies (based on brain research) that maximize memory and minimize forgetting;
  • increase learning for all students when strategies like drawing, metaphor, movement, music, and storytelling are used to teach curriculum objectives and meet international standards;
  • explore research that shows why these strategies are preferable to others; and
  • ensure that brains retain key concepts, not only for tests but for life!

For session details and registration information, click here.



marciatateAbout the Presenter

Marcia L. Tate, Ed.D. , is the former executive director of professional development for the DeKalb County School District in Decatur, Georgia. During the course of her 30-year career with the district, she also was a classroom teacher, reading specialist, language arts coordinator, and staff development executive director. Currently, through her company, Developing Minds, Inc., Dr. Tate serves as an education consultant and has taught more than 450,000 administrators, teachers, parents, and community and business leaders all over the world. Participants often refer to her workshops as the best they have ever experienced.






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