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Reading/Language Arts Workshops

We are excited to announce our latest professional development offerings! Click the titles to find a description and registration information. For more information about any of these workshops, e-mail


Region 4 is going virtual this summer to keep everyone safe and socially distanced. We'll be providing professional development via Zoom. Presenters will email participants with a link to join the session prior to the training session.





Help I See Struggling Readers Series! Vocabulary Edition: Vocab Magic

August 3, 2021

Turn learning new and challenging words into an interactive experience for struggling readers. Learn how to use vocabulary to improve recall, comprehension, and word knowledge for diverse learners. Participants will examine meaningful academic routines that can transform their vocabulary instruction. Participants will practice research-based techniques to improve academic language. The techniques prepare students for classroom, STAAR, and everyday success. Learn more and register here.





Instructional Coaching - Bite-Sized Sessions

What are your needs as an instructional coach? Meet your individual goals and personalize your learning by selecting from these bite-sized virtual sessions.



Remote Instructional Coaching

Maximize your coaching time through remote instructional coaching. This session will share resources and strategies to provide full coaching cycles remotely.

Pre-observation and Observations

Learn strategies for building a collaborative coach-teacher relationship, structures for the pre-observation meeting, and ideas and forms for collecting quality evidence during instructional observations.

Setting Instructional Coaching Goals

Learn how to work shoulder-to-shoulder with teachers during the post-observation conference to identify mutually agreed upon coaching goals based on teacher instructional practices and student needs.


Instructional Coaching Cycle

Learn how to organize coaching into cycles to help you create a structure for yourself and your teachers. During this session, we will identify the structure of small group and one-on-one coaching cycle.

Providing Models of Expert Teaching to Support Implementation of Coaching Goals

Teachers need to see effective instruction in action. Modeling is one way to show a teacher how to implement a specific strategy. By modeling lessons that make teaching and learning visible, coaches help teachers build a vision of effective instruction. Learn processes to make your model teaching a collaborative one-on-one professional development opportunity.

Principal and Instructional Coach Relationship

Learn strategies and explore tools to build a collaborative partnership of professional development between principal and instructional coaches.


Coaching Adults

Teachers of all levels of experience and expertise can benefit from instructional coaching, but engaging and motivating adult learners can be challenging. This session will explore strategies for developing, engaging, and empowering teachers.


Developing Early Literacy Skills in Prekindergarten

October 5, 2021  |  Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  (Face-to-Face Workshop)

Fostering and encouraging early writing and reading skills, and understanding the developmental stages of each student, is a challenge many early childhood professionals face. During this session, we will focus on the stages of literacy development and will learn some strategies to incorporate developmentally appropriate activities to foster students' natural curiosity. Enrollment fees and materials for this session have been covered with RECESS Grant Initiative 1 funds. Learn more and register here.





Writing, Writing Everywhere!

October 9, 2021  |  Time: 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. (Virtual Zoom session)
Emergent writing skills are an important part of the Early Childhood Classroom. Research suggests that adult modeling  and guidance on how and when to apply writing skills is critical for future academic success. Participants will discuss the stages of writing development, learn how to embed writing in literacy centers, and incorporate writing in the classroom every day. Modeled Writing, Shared Writing, and bookmaking strategies and techniques will be presented. Bookmaking is a wonderful way to show students the reciprocity of reading and writing and an excellent tool to encourage students to write.  Learn more and register here.





CIRCLE: Two-Day Preschool Early Language and Literacy Including Mathematics

October 14–15, 2021  |  Time: 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.  (Face-to-Face Workshop)
Participate in the Early Language and Literacy training developed by the Children's Learning Institute, University of Texas Medical School in Houston. This training is based on recent scientific research, is interactive and provides hands-on activities which prekindergarten teachers can immediately implement in their classrooms.


Each participant receives a manual containing resources that will help promote early language and early literacy development as well as mathematic skill development in young children. Training includes the following topics: Best Practices, Social Emotional Development, Phonological Awareness, Written Expression, Language Development, Book Reading, Letter Knowledge, and Mathematics. Learn more and register here.



Contact us for details about any of these sessions. Coaching and customized professional development are also available by e-mailing

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