TSDS and PEIMS Services








PEIMS Basic Services

Services provided to all LEA's  at no cost; Region 4 ESC PEIMS Staff provides the following services to all of our LEA's in this region:                                                  

  • Inform LEA’s of pertinent PEIMS deadlines
  • Forward PEIMS information from TEA
  • Respond to TIMS tickets for support questions regarding PEIMS
  • Accept data for all PEIMS submissions                                                                

TSDS and PEIMS Enhanced  Services (available via contract)

Enhanced services includes basic services and training on PEIMS Data collection and Core Collections with technical assistance to enhance data quality and efficient processing of Core Collections and PEIMS data:


  • All trainings included for 2–4 attendees, based on district enrollment.
  • Access to monthly "TSDS Hot Topics" webinar.
  • Member of the PEIMS Leadership Network
  • Data Submission Schedules, Checklists and Layouts
  • Submission Reviews
  • Submission Approval Procedures
  • Extensive Support for TSDS Core Collections
  • Email and Phone Support Services



Emma McGarity

Main Office
Region 4 Education Service Center
7145 West Tidwell Road Houston, Texas 77092-2096
713.462.7708 | PHONE
Region 4 is making improvements to the McKinney Conference Center and will invite guests to experience the difference in September of 2024.
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