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PEIMS Diagnostic Reviews

What is a PEIMS/Attendance Diagnostic Review?
The PEIMS/Attendance Diagnostic Review will provide a clear view of how well your PEIMS processes and attendance procedures are working. With an eye toward saving you money and generating more state funds, this review takes a unique approach to helping you find more money for your district.
PEIMS/Attendance Diagnostic Review includes—
  • Interviews with key personnel and special population directors whose decisions impact the district’s ability to generate state aid and the quality of the PEIMS data submissions
  • On-site audit of selected campuses, which includes a detailed examination of certain student attendance records and student attendance processes and procedures as they relate to PEIMS
  • A comprehensive written report with findings, recommendations, and visualization charts presented on-site


Training opportunities and communication are optimized when the audience includes staff members from the administrative and campus levels. This allows brainstorming and feedback that can address the findings and recommendations.



Please note a modified desktop approach is available.

To schedule a review, contact Jerry Lashley at or call 713.744.6854.
7145 West Tidwell Road | Houston, Texas 77092-2096 | 713.462.7708