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To collaborate is great!
Tired of sending emails back and forth? Having trouble setting up meetings? Do you have colleagues who are never on time for meetings? Looking for a way to get a group of professionals to work together?
It can be hard sometimes, but with Wiggio™, you can create a simple, private workspace for the team to gather together and collaborate. Upload files, hold conversations, hold meetings, poll the team, schedule events… collaboration at its best!

wiggiologoThe Wiggio™ platform is a user-friendly website that can be used in any setting. Academic arenas, clubs, committees, nonprofit organizations, teams, families, and of course, help us maintain our many social groups.
Wiggio™ allows you to post files and pictures from your local computer drive or from the cloud.  After something is uploaded, the members of the group can receive an email, text message, or daily report indicating there is something new that needs their attention. Participants then have the ability to reply to the documents or pictures uploaded.
Documents can be downloaded, shared, or shown directly from the folder. Eliminate the need for copies and stacks of paper piling up on your desk by simply uploading your documents instead. 
Wiggio™ also has a search filter that allows you to search by files and links, meetings and events, to do lists, and polls as well. 
Want to know what the group is thinking or which option is most popular? Take a poll! Members’ answers can be anonymous or their names can be displayed. You decide. 
Need a spreadsheet to manage data or a new document to work on? Wiggio™ allows you to create your own spreadsheet and documents through their website. No need for additional software.

Team collaboration can be difficult at times, but with Wiggio™, the team can have easy access to schedules, materials, and to each other. Wiggio™ offers a collabortaive enviroment that supports productivity and efficiency. So start collaborating with Wiggio™ and become a well-oiled team machine.


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