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What in the Kahoot!?

dd-logo-brHave you heard about the latest craze kids of all ages are talking about? No, it's not SnapChat, MineCraft or lnstagram. It's a free formative assessment tool called Kahoot that uses gaming technology to engage students and allow teachers to quickly check for understanding of their learning objectives.

Here's the low down. Teachers go to to create a free account and start building Kahoots which are quizzes, discussions or surveys. (By the way, with the drag and drop technology you can complete your first Kahoot in all of about 30 seconds!) Students use any device . . . that's right, I said 'any device' (laptop, iPad®, iPhone®, iPod®, Android™, Chromebook™, Windows Phone®, etc.) to answer the questions you have developed. As students answer questions, teachers and students get immediate feedback in a fun and engaging way.

As fifth grader Samantha from Pearland lSD in Pearland, Texas reports, "It's a test in a fun way! I love it because I can see my name and see how many points I get when I answer each question. The BEST is when I beat all of my friends."


As students answer questions, they are awarded points. When all students have answered the question being displayed, all students see the correct answer, the number of students that answered the question correctly, and the top 5 students on the leader board. The student points displayed on the leader board are the number of points they have accumulated for all questions answered.

For more information or to sign up for a Kahoot account, go to


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