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Twiddla your way to virtual meetings


Looking for a way to markup websites, share photos or documents, or have a conference call or chat about a project? Twiddla might be exactly what you need if you’re looking for a fresh way to approach those tasks.


twiddla1Twiddla is an internet-based program that allows users to set up a conference meetings using a whiteboard interface. Meetings are public, but only those with the URL can join the session. Rooms can be password protected as well by going into the room settings menu.


Twiddla has a variety of membership levels, beginning with the most basic (free) version. Options to upgrade your membership are posted on the website. To get started, go to Twiddla and click on the Go button to begin a new meeting.



You will start with a fresh whiteboard where all the magic happens. Also, a new chat window will appear on the right hand side of the screen. It will contain the unique URL for that session. Users can sign into the session by using the URL. The session owner can send out meeting invitations through email. Once your participants have signed in, you can begin chatting in the text window. In addition to the text chat feature, you can also chat or hold a conference using the audio feature. Setting up the audio is made simple by clicking on “Join audio” in the chat window.  Participants can dial the phone number, punch in the room number listed, and begin talking to one another.  

twiddlauiscreen450Twiddla also allows users to upload and share documents, share images, or webpages. Not only can you share them with those in your virtual meeting, you can also mark up text or images during your conversation.

Interested in collaborating and conferencing while keeping things relevant and exciting? You and your staff can gather together virtually to chat and share ideas with Twiddla. Let the collaboration begin!



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