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Creation and collaboration are important components of a learning community. Three Ring is a free web tool that allows students to share learning artifacts with others. Made with educators in mind, Three Ring allows teachers who create a free account to set up classes for their students. This means students do not need to sign up for their own account.
Here are a few of the things teachers can do with Three Ring:
  • Ask students to upload pictures of their work to share with others. Teachers can share items of their choice with the whole class. Use this to build a class collection of notes and resources to benefit all students.
  • Ask students to upload video or audio creations to add to the collection of class resources. Formats such as PowerPoints®, Microsoft Word® documents, and PDFs are also compatible for sharing with Three Ring.
  • Send a positive e-mail to parents including their child’s classwork. Teachers who enter a parent e-mail for students have the option of sharing any work submitted by that student with the click of a button.
  • Use Three Ring to distribute assignments to students for self-directed learning, homework, or even classwork. By uploading assignments to Three Ring, students can even print their own copy if they lose an assignment. Increase parent involvement by letting them know students have access to assignments via Three Ring.
  • Help absent students maintain progress by sharing notes, assignments, and other learning artifacts from the day’s class using Three Ring. Students who opt to complete work at home could return to school on pace with the rest of the class.
What tools are you using to increase collaboration and share the creativity of your students? Do you have additional ideas for using Three Ring? Please share your thoughts with us!
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